Discover Islam – Graphic Designing
January 2, 2019
Citilab – Digital Marketing
January 11, 2019

Title: Convertas Limited

Team Members: Muhammad Shoaib, Ramiz Khan, Mahar Waqas

Platforms: Website

Technology: Wordpress, Photoshop

Duration: 2 Months


Convertas-Limited, a project of Newstel-GMBH Germany, is a creative team of entrepreneurs providing digital marketing services. As a team, they maintain a no boss policy aimed to deliver better results for their client projects.

Team DawahSoft keenly enjoys a progressive relationship with Newstel-GMBH — a customer support outsourcing company. The mutual trust, understanding and DawahSoft’s work commitment led to enhanced collaboration between the 2 companies. Our client’s operational requirements were to design and develop a website that caters their digital marketing.

Team DawahSoft completed the web design within 1 month — the website was up and running tailored to the client’s custom requirements. We divided the feature-rich, elegant design into specific sections for optimum content and call-to-action placement. It is strikingly the perfect visualization of a digital marketing agency, listing all services appropriately. DawahSoft also optimized the design to be ultra-fast on mobiles and smartphones.

Our client was so impressed with DawahSoft’s modern digital marketing web design and development that we collaborated on over 30 projects — and still ongoing! As a digital marketing agency, Convertas-Limited has managed over 96 SEO campaigns and 41 of them being in the first position of search engines. Our client continues entrusting us with their web design and development needs.