Dr Jamal Nasir – Web Design & Development, Maintenance
January 2, 2019
Crush Light
April 3, 2020

Title: Discover Islam

Team Members: Muhammad Shoaib, Ramiz Khan, Qaiser Arsalan, Mahar Waqas

Platforms: Print Design, Web Design & Development

Technology: Photoshop

Duration: 2 Year


Discover Islam is a registered charity in the UK committed to bringing about Peace, Harmony, and Goodwill through the knowledge of Islam. They have dedicated themselves to educate people about the true message of Islam and promote its better understanding.

Discover Islam have dedicated their mission to clear misconceptions of the religion. With over 8 years of experience, they maintain a comprehensive network of volunteers and arrange exhibitions to promote a better and brighter future. A creative design that captured attention visually, kept the visitors happy and gave them a friendly online experience was the client’s key requirements. Furthermore, the client also required custom graphics and artwork for printing and official promotion.

Team DawahSoft designed a professional yet responsive, simple, clean and modern website by instantly transforming our mock-up that supported their social cause and presented it in the best light, keeping in view a high level of user experience after quality assurance tests. The client, impressed and satisfied with the level of our organizational commitment, effective communication, and entrepreneurial creativity, has passionately continued to work with us till date.

Team DawahSoft has created over 100 artworks and custom graphics for their successful exhibitions and printings. The client also entrusts us in maintaining their network of websites because of the team's remarkable achievements. Our innovative designs undoubtedly have helped the client convincingly portray their inspirational message in the best presentable way in exhibitions, schools and mosque visits. Because of the extraordinary level of mutual trust between team DawahSoft and team Discover Islam, we continue to enjoy a progressive and prosperous relationship.