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January 11, 2019
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January 11, 2019

Title: Tawheed e Khaalis - Website Design & Development

Team Members: Muhammad Shoaib, Ramiz Khan, Zeeshan Shahid, Fahad Javed, Zafran Shafique

Platforms: Website

Technology: Photoshop, Illustrator, Wordpress

Duration: 2 Months


Tawheedekhaalis is a United Arab Emirates-based Islamic website and an online bookstore. They also share a wide range of content - articles, audio lectures, pamphlets, etc.

Tawheedekhaalis launched to promote pure Islam and oneness of God as in their name. With limited options, they launched their website and naturally required a modern design to keep up with the evolving trends. An outdated and traditional look constituted a setback as it was typically affecting usability and accessibility of potential customers — both hold key importance in an increasingly competitive market.

Team DawahSoft is a pioneer in a diverse range of Islamic projects. We considered this project as an opportunity to showcase our sleek and clean designs. As Tawheedekhaalis required a complete overhaul, we requested the client 30 days to deliver a complete project with 100% satisfaction and milestone based approval. However, because of project complexity and a substantial amount of content among other factors, the project underwent 45 days to complete.

The client was and remains satisfied and keenly enjoys a progressive relationship with team DawahSoft. Since the updated design, the client has reported an observed increase in visitors, usability and sales. Team DawahSoft’s design overhaul, without doubt, positively changed the online experience, increasing the engagement rate — it virtually breathed life into their online presence and presented their customers an experience that drew them in and kept them coming back! Tawheedekhaalis is now also rapid, reliable and more responsive!