April 3, 2020
Khaadim – Digital Marketing
January 11, 2019

Title: Khaadim

Team Members: Muhammad Shoaib, Ramiz Khan, Zeeshan Shahid, Alen Bala, Ketan Thakkar, Abdul Kawee, Qaiser Arsalan

Platforms: Website, Android, Iphone

Technology: PHP, Java, HTML, Swift, Json

Duration: 1 Year


Khaadim is a services and repair app that connects experts with users. Whether your sink has a leak, your car broke down or you’re having a power failure, Khaadim has it all covered. You can schedule a visit at the time of your convenience.

Our client had an idea to solve common problems, but lacked vision and creativity. Solutions to everyday problems were already available: (1) Find a local expert in your market and schedule a visit (2) Search for service providers in your area online (3) Look-up classified ads. And if you’re an expert / vendor, post an ad or create a website. However, this was not only time-consuming for the service providers, but created a lot of hassle for people in need of urgent services.

This is where DawahSoft’s entrepreneurs translated the requirements into a full-fledged product. The team knew this idea had potential if properly executed. Khaadim was going to be a pioneer app so a lot of research was put into its inception. Khaadim was going to be based on two apps, one for the service provider and one for the end user on iOS and android platforms. The client wanted the apps to be built within 1 year. It was a challenging task for a young team. We started strong with the design, development, graphics and creativity. After the mock-up and prototype we knew it was going to be a bumpy ride, but we had the skills to take us home. Four months into development, not only the project encountered unexpected bugs, but the client also had some issues with how things were rolling. We remained steadfast with back-and-forth communication and meetings with the client to ensure everything was on track and bugs were being fixed. All issues were resolved in no time. Fast-forwarding, the project, after facing midway hiccups, completed before time and services were launched with a bang, buzz and hype. Khaadim was created with passion and crafted with care!

Since then, Khaadim has created over 2000 jobs and over 1500 satisfied customers. This project was a tremendous success and paved way for further projects. DawahSoft enjoys a firm relationship with its over the moon client. This project created trust in the industry and boosted the morale of the team. Khaadim still entrusts DawahSoft with updates and app support.