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January 11, 2019

Title: Why do Muslims? - Website Design & Development

Team Members: Muhammad Shoaib

Platforms: Website

Technology: Photoshop, Wordpress

Duration: Maintaining the website since 3 Years and on...


WhyDoMuslims, a part of Discover Islam, is a resource dedicated for non-Muslims to understand Islam and to get answers to their questions.

Non-Muslims are often curious and naturally have a lot of questions about why Muslims do the things they do. How does Islam compare to their religion and what are the commonalities if any? To answer all fundamental questions and clear any misconceptions related to Muslims and Islam, the client required a platform that answers every question in a meaningful and presentable manner.

The project requirements were clear, and the exclusive focus was invariably on usability, readability, and accessibility, as the specific target audience were non-Muslims and the website was to have a lot of content. The design ensured user-friendliness with content divided into various sections for information access. We optimized WhyDoMuslims for a responsive mobile design and viewport giving it a boost in search rankings for searches on mobile devices.

WhyDoMuslims have grown to be a wiki of information for non-Muslims. The website has a diverse range of content—articles, important questions, frequently asked questions, rulings, forums, and even live chat about Islam that is open for Muslims and non-Muslims. DawahSoft, driven by passionate enthusiasm and desire, is Discover Islam’s 5-star designer and developer, working enthusiastically to deliver websites that are sleek, clean, rapid, reliable, and responsive! Our work ethic, client satisfaction and achievements represent us.